Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Walk In The Sunshine......Eric Cruised

Today Ben and I walked to Grindley Brook working through three lift bridges on the way. At the first one we found the Llangollen fuel boat NB Mountbatten mooring up delivering coal to the moored boats. We stopped and bought a couple of bags of Excel  to keep us going.....don't know how long the sunshine will last.

At Grindley Brook I popped to the garage as the CafĂ© no longer sells bread, milk and papers.Eric was wondering where I was!  Down the Grindley Brook staircase locks with Amy, a very happy lockkeeper helping. In front of us was a single handed boater who exited the lock leaving me to shut his gates! Only got away with it at the first of the three locks, but we had to refill every lock as there was no boat traffic coming the other way.

We decided to stop just off the visitor moorings at the bottom of Grindley Brook....I needed  lunch and a rest for the rest of the afternoon.......I am really not used to all this exercise at the locks.

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