Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We're Happy To Be Cruising

We woke this morning to a lovely sunny day with no wind so today became the day we  go cruising. Of course the camera battery was dead it's a phone photo.  We topped up the  water and headed over to fill up with diesel. It took 100 litres at 94p a litre.  We managed to get a bit of carpet round the prop so the first trip down the weed hatch was today too.

It took three hours by boat to get to Ellesmere, it seemed so slow after our 30 minute car journeys but it was so much nicer. Those two lift bridges on the Prees Arm exercised the arm muscles which certainly need to get back into shape. Ben and I walked alongside the boat for a while. He was a bit confused at which side of the boat was land after all these months in the marina.

So we're moored up on the Elllesmere Arm enjoying a change of scenery, whether we move tomorrow depends on the weather......boating in the rain is not fun.


Sue said...

Great to hear you are on the move. Good too to hear Ben is enjoying boating.

Don't worry about his confussion about which side is the towpath..

I remember many years ago our Lucy, the collie who thought she knew better, jumped straight into the cut one night at wee time..

Heh, she listened to me after that.

These two collies are much the same. Young Penny is worse she still is get up and go, think later and I have to be careful that she goes off the right side!

Elsie said...

Hi Sue,
Ben's had a few baths in the canal where he's jumped and missed. He's also very sensitive to noises and heads back to the boat if he hears bangs. He won't go off the boat for a wee if it's too dark so we have to open the curtains and shine a torch on the bank. Perhaps it's due to the lack of sight in one eye. He's an odd dog!