Thursday, March 12, 2015

On The Move To Poachers, Gledrid

Going up!

Eric's feeling cold.
Last night was spent in the mist but by morning it had gone. Up and away by half past ten but not so warm today with the wind as we did New Marton Locks, it's one of those exposed places where it's usually windy and blowing the boat off the towpath so you have a job to get it in to moor up. Nobody about at the locks but they were full so there must have been a boat ahead of us. Quickly through them though, in the past we've queued for hours to get  through these locks. 

It's quiet on the cut with just a few boats moving today and a few moored up as we slowly passed them by, not in any hurry.  Signs of Spring with lambs frollicking in the fields, daffodils and primroses alongside the hedges. Lunch was hot tomato soup on the go as we continue on our way. Suitably cold we stopped at 'The Poachers' , I don't know what happened to the pocket, it used to be called 'Poachers' Pocket'. The moorings were deserted but plenty of cars in the car park.

No dishes tonight....someone else is doing the washing up and Ben the dog is home alone for an hour or so.He didn't want to be left and started barking as we locked up, but he was fine when we got back an hour later. No boats moored other than us so nobody to annoy. Lovely food tonight and  I brought back a doggy bag with some salmon for Ben the dog, which was gone in a flash.

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