Friday, March 06, 2015

More Mosses Walking The Dog

The Mosses Trails (NNR Pamplet)

We've been walking today and it ended up being a long walk of more than two and a half hours so we're all  'cream crackered' also called knackered I am the only one awake! Afternoon naps for Ben and Eric and I can hear the snoring from the galley.

We decided to go and find the route of the disused  Ellesmere to Whitchurch (1862) which crosses the Mosses. Intersting to see that the railway line was built nearly sixty years after the canal was built. We started off at the  National Nature Reserve (NNR) Car park at Morris' Bridge and   walked the green route until it met the purple route heading towards the disused  railway line. Of course we crossed into Wales as the border crosses the Mosses. A lovely  mud free walk along the springy surface of the trails as long as you avoided the occasional peaty puddles on the route.

We walked across to the old railway line now a lovely easy walk and decided to walk towards Bettisfield. We passed a sign which said car park on a grassy verge which just made me smile, it seemed odd to have a sign post with no actual car park. The route took us pass some new sights, a blueberry farm, Bettisfield Church as well as a view of the old Bettisfield Railway Station now converted into a lovely home.

We followed the route until we met a country lane which took us back to the  Llangollen Canal (1804) with another two miles or more back to where we started. As we walked along the long straight  heading to the junction with the Prees  Branch it seemed to be slow progress as we were feeling tired, but Ben the dog was still  doing well  and patiently waiting for us.

Back on the boat  we had lunch of sausages and mash followed by a long drink.  Ben and Eric went to sleep soon afterwards while I did the washing up.........and they are still asleep!

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