Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ellesmere In Sunshine

At Ellesmere Junction
Last night we stopped a few bridges past Maestermyn on visitor moorings, there was another boat there but we didn't see anyone before we left in the morning. This morning we headed for Ellesmere in the sunshine.

BOATERS BE AWARE new rubbing strips on  bridges 1W and 2W (Langollen Canal) had been fitted  and now have rows of protruding hexagonal nuts, which you need to avoid. Also bridge 52 near Lyneal Wharf. Usually the bolts have domed heads or are recessed.

Protruding heads beware! 


Alf said...

Thanks for the bridge info, have you complained to C&RT ? I will when we are up there soon.

Elsie said...

No Alf, was unsure which bridges until we went past again. Elsie