Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back In Whixall

Our arrival back to Whixall Marina was well timed as there was no wind, getting into position with wind is a pain. Soon we were back on shore power and all settled in. That was Sunday afternoon so we had our Sunday lunch at teatime. Nothing's changed here other than the diesel is 70 something rather than 90 something a litre for 0%. It's a card machine so you can do it yourself.

We've been mud larking also known as dog walking with Ben the dog on the Mosses, around Ellesmere and around Whixall. Yesterday we went to Ellesmere  by car and did some shopping after our walk as we needed to get some chocolate for our grandchildren for Easter.

In the afternoon we had a surprise visit from Richard and Marion (NB Cartref) currently in Northampton soon to be relocated in Whixall when they get here in about five weeks. Where they are there are 17 locks to do before they can go anywhere. On this canal there's only 21 locks and 10  lift bridges on the whole Llangollen Canal including 2 on the Prees Arm. Our trip to Llangollen was just two lift bridges and two locks in each direction, so a very pleasant trip.  

We're here until Easter and then we're off to deliver those chocolate goodies to our grandchildren.

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