Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Very Short Trip

That crane photograph, Ellesmere

It was very dark last  night with no lights on pontoons we have grown used to. Ben refused to jump off the boat last night until we made the bank lighter by opening the curtains as well as using torches. We know he's lost his sight in one eye as the result of meningitis so perhaps he needs more light. 

We topped up the cupboards, fridge and freezer before leaving Ellesmere behind for a short trip to moor  just outside Ellesmere just as the rain started. It's quieter to more here as each time a dog walker passed the boat  on the arm Ben had to see them off with a noisy bark. Here few walkers come this far out of Ellesmere.

Turning the boat at the bottom of the arm was hampered by the wind, so Eric had to use the rope to pull the front of the boat around with the help of a passing boater. It gave me time to take the Ellesmere with the big crane photograph. I jumped off at the top of the arm and Ben nearly had a dip, dangling his back legs when he misjudged the jump......he didn't hurt himself. Getting him to walk was hampered by him keeping check to see if the boat was coming too.

After lunch we went for a short walk leaving Eric on the boat. It ended up  being very short indeed as there was a bang and Ben turned around and headed back to the boat Time to test out the coffee maker using the 1800w inverter, it works as it's only on a few minutes but I'm not sure how much it takes out of the batteries. We'll need to run the engine for some hot water later so it doesn't really matter. If we run it for an hour in the evening it warms up the water ready for showers in the morning. We've been spoiled by the immersion heater we use when we're on shoreline.

A lazy afternoon followed listening to the radio until the batteries died, they don't last long considering it's 6 AA batteries perhaps  I need Duracell ones.

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