Thursday, February 05, 2015

Surrounded By Ice

For the last few days we've been held fast by ice most nights with the groans and crunches as the boat breaks free in the morning. The ice in the marina came quickly leaving a patterned surface but today there's a sign of a melt with the icy wind easing it's grasp.

Although our water tap is frozen there is one nearby that is working so we've managed to keep the water tank topped up. We've been using the laundry here in Whixall Marina as it's so much quicker with the large capacity washers and driers and saves filling up time. The cupboards have been kept stocked, as well as the fridge and freezer with shopping trips to Ellesmere, so we certainly won't go hungry.

Eric and I have been out crunching along the towpaths with Ben the dog which means a clean dog after a walk......a bonus. If we both go out walking we get a longer walk, when I go on my own Ben needs lots of encouragement to keep going. Needless to say the thermals are getting a workout, roll on the warmer weather, but then I'll probably say it's too hot when summer actually comes.

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