Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Wednesday On The Mosses

We've been quite enjoying having  an ice free marina and the Prees Arm is also clear again which means those who wish to escape the marina can. At present we're waiting for warmer weather before we leave our safe haven.

On Monday we went to  Wrexham with a hair cut followed by a  fish and chip lunch in mind. I'd booked the appointment so Eric didn't have to wait long for his lunch. Ben really didn't want us to leave him and had a bark as we left but he must have been quiet as our neighbours would have mentioned it if he howled.

We've been out walking the dog every day in the local area and today we walked up to the Mosses and walked one of the marked routes.It waa great to walk on the peaty tracks rather than roads as it's easier on the feet.  We looked less wrapped up against the weather as it was a bit warmer  as the icy wind has eased. 

When we came back Eric ran the engine for an hour as it hadn't been run for a few weeks, next job is changing the oil and filters  ready for our escape. A lazy afternoon is our plan for today. 

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