Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Birthdays To Us

Clare and Ben's Wedding

Looking for  photograph of the two of us I thought I'd reuse this one of a very happy day last September. This week we celebrate our birthdays, another year gone by with lots of good memories and some sadder moments.

Nothing much happening here at Whixall Marina, note the spelling ITV's 'Barging Around Britain' spelt it Wixall. I did watch the Llangollen one but found it rather disappointing but then again they only had twenty minutes. They could have shown the locks at Grindley Brook or even mentioned the Mosses as they passed them by several times.

We've had frost in the early morning followed by hail stones, sleet and snow all in one day. Ben wasn't keen in walking in the hail stones so we sheltered under a canal bridge until it stopped. Ben walked he had to stay home alone......I hope he didn't bark or howl for long. 

We decided to go shopping in Shrewsbury for a change, it's such a busy town with lots of shops. All we really wanted was another Three MiFi as Eric's finished his Three phone contract which tethering on, which was useless in Whixall for the internet or phone calls. The MiFi has a much stronger signal and at £20.10 for 15G It's a good buy with enough data to watch iplayer, films and of course You Tube.

I bought some new jeans, a boater's essential and we had lunch out in M & S, toasties and a side salad with coffees.....very nice too. Eric's exciting buy was some new vests as Tesco's failed in their length, the new ones actually were much he modelled it to show me!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Elsie,
I agree with you about Barging Around Britain. It isn't possible to do justice to any of the canals in 20 minutes especially when they don't focus on some of the real highlights like Grindley Brook and the Mosses as you said.

We are actually cruising again!! Heading slowly northward. Once we get through the Milton Keynes stoppage on 13 March we plan to head for the Leicester Arm, up to the T & M and slowly cruise ever northward.

We would love to winter on the LLangollen next year if all goes well. It would be wonderful to catch up with you and Eric again.
Stay warm, stay well.
Jaq and LesX

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

Great to hear from you two, been following your blog. Our paths may cross as we're planning to go down T&M in April, then towards Shardlow for a trip to Nottingham before we go down the Soar and Leicester Arm. Of course plan's may change.

Love Elsie & Eric x