Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back To Newport

Scarlett's on her feet
On Wednesday Erice woke up with a painful eye so our plan to visit Newport next week was due to change to a week earlier. The earlier iritis is treated the better so we packed some bags and had some breakfast. I took Ben for a walk while Eric turned off the gas and packed  the bags in the car. No appointments left at the doctor for the afternoon but the doctor has a walk in surgery in the morning. Three hours later we were picking up our post at Eric's sister Paula's house  and having a cuppa and a chat.

In the morning Eric got up and went to the doctor's and I thought I'd have a half hour before I got up myself, but once again it wasn't to be. The phone rang to tell me the alarm was going off at my dad's house and I needed to go and reset it. Clare's husband Ben was my taxi service to get there. Ben the dog and I walked back  over the Gaer to Clare's house as Ben needed some exercise, while Ben went on his way to work taking their dog Poppy with him.

Later in the day we went for a wander around the lake in Roath Park in Cardiff with Ben the dog, with loads of swans who didn't want to get off the path and out of his way either. We had a trip to Go Outdoors to get another pair of walking boots. It's been a lovely warm sunny day, quite a change from the shivery days we've been having.

We went to see our daughter Sally and granddaughter Scarlett who's now walking, she seems so little to be on her feet. We took strawberries  which she loves too.

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