Sunday, January 25, 2015

Visitors Onboard

Today we had a visit from Clare, Ben and Poppy. Poppy wasn't at all concerned about being on a boat, she just selected one of Ben's balls from his collection of toys and gave it to Eric to throw. I'd made a beef stew for lunch as I knew it would be ok even if they arrived later than planned. It would have been a casserole but my  stew pot is bigger than my largest casserole dish and we needed room for the dumplings. The dogs had some meat and veg from the stew and the dishes were soon licked clean. 

All too soon they were on their way back to Newport, it  takes about three hours via the A49. It was great to see them as Ben had some wheels to pick up in Newport, Shropshire and it's just half an hour from Whixall and he wanted to see our boaty home. Eric is going to Newport for a hospital appointment tomorrow  but I'm staying onboard with Ben the dog.

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