Monday, January 12, 2015

Nothing Much Happening

Nothing much happening on NB Bendigedig unless you're interested in the number of tissues and paracetamol I've got through. I escaped the cough and colds over Christmas but it arrived with vengeance on our return to the boat. I am feeling better but I still have a dry cough to contend with........honey, cough syrup, and steam inhalation ongoing in an attempt to get rid of it.

Ben' continuing with his short walks not that I've felt much like long ones anyway. The wind here has been wild and certainly rocking the boat. I've used ear plugs to blog out the howling wind. Sometimes they get used to block out Eric's snoring.

We've done the necessary food shopping to keep the cupboards stocked and have eaten rather a lot of the Christmas chocolates. I had a coffee maker which uses Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods for Christmas so lots of varieties of coffee too. I loved all the useful presents we had including a stove top kettle, biscuits, toiletries, warm fleeces, pyjamas, slippers and a lovely scarf as well as the lovely charm necklace. 

The chimney decided to let us know it needed sweeping by puffing out smoke and being very smelly if you opened the door to put coal and wood on. The CO alarm hadn't gone off but we were aware of the smokey smell. I let the fire go out overnight and Eric had swept it by the time I'd come back from a short Ben walk. The fire's much better now, there must have been an accumulation of soot.

Today we're off to Ellesmere to get some fresh food, hopefully the rain will stay away for a walk up the canal to see all the boats moored there for the winter. I'm looking forward to some warm weather then we'll go cruising. We've been looking at the maps and wondering which way to go this year, the last few years we've spent very little time cruising with one thing and another. So I wonder where we'll go.


Sue said...

Glad to hear that Ben is still fine, I was worried last year for him.

I know what you mean about the chocolates.. I want to eat them all at once so then they are all gone and I can get that Christmas weight off!

How do you find that coffee maker on the power consumption? Do you need to run the engine each time you use it?

I would love to have one but I think I would spend all day just drinking gorgeous coffee!

Elsie said...

Hi Sue,
Its a Krups mini me needs 1600w but only for a few minutes our inverter would run it but at the moment we're on shorepower.

Ben's ok but a very different dog,sleeps a lot, likes lots of cuddles and short walks with lots of encouragement, but we still have him so that's OK.

Perhaps we'll get to see you this year on our travels, Elsie x