Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year

Ben has been reluctant to go for a walk lately and just stops, looks at me and basically refuses to go any further leaving me no choice but to go back the way we came.While we were in Newport he'd walk further if Eric came too but as he spent a few days in bed unwell, we only got very short walks. Poppy Clare's collie came too but it made no difference.

Today we're back in Whixall and it was absolutely pouring with rain but he wanted to go out, so I donned the boots and the waterproofs wondering if I'd be back in ten minutes. We got as far as the first lift bridge crossed it and back along the roads so out for just twenty minutes. 

After ten days away I've been catching up with the washing using the marina laundrette as the big machines reduces the washing mountain far more quickly. Ben the dog is having an afternoon nap as is Eric.

While we were away we missed the snow which settled here on Christmas Eve. As we travelled north yesterday it felt considerably colder than Newport. The boat was cold but not as cold as it could have been as I'd left a small thermostatic controlled  electric radiator on low. Soon we fired up the central heating, lit the fire, turned on the gas and made a cup of tea.

Christmas been and gone for another year and in a few days the little tree will be back in it's box until next year. Thanks to family for sharing Christmas with us and a special thanks to Richard (Clare's husband Ben's brother) who did the Christmas Day dinner/lunch which made quite a change for me.

We've had good times and bad times in 2014, let's hope 2015 brings far more good times. All that remains is to wish you all a very happy new year 2015. 

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