Saturday, January 31, 2015



Happy Birthday Clare. I love this photo you posted on Facebook, I remember the haircut! We hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Sally & Dave

Dave, Sally & Scarlett on her 1st birthday
On Monday Eric went off to Wales while Ben and I stayed onboard. We had a quiet day but Ben the dog certainly livened it up by jumping off the boat and slipping off the pier into the water. He doggy paddled on the end of his lead while I grabbed his harness and hoisted him out. The water was pretty cold so he was shaking as I wrapped him in a towel. After a rub down I got the hairdryer out and he stood there and let me dry him. He's got a very fluffy fur coat at the moment.

On Wednesday our daughter Sally and her partner Dave are celebrating their birthday as they share the same day. Hope you have a good day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Visitors Onboard

Today we had a visit from Clare, Ben and Poppy. Poppy wasn't at all concerned about being on a boat, she just selected one of Ben's balls from his collection of toys and gave it to Eric to throw. I'd made a beef stew for lunch as I knew it would be ok even if they arrived later than planned. It would have been a casserole but my  stew pot is bigger than my largest casserole dish and we needed room for the dumplings. The dogs had some meat and veg from the stew and the dishes were soon licked clean. 

All too soon they were on their way back to Newport, it  takes about three hours via the A49. It was great to see them as Ben had some wheels to pick up in Newport, Shropshire and it's just half an hour from Whixall and he wanted to see our boaty home. Eric is going to Newport for a hospital appointment tomorrow  but I'm staying onboard with Ben the dog.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Lisa

Today we're back in Newport as we need to sort out my dad's house ready for sale. I arranged for the local council to make a furniture collection next week but had an email confirming it for a week earlier, somebody messed up and of course we could not change it to the arranged date as the Council Offices were shut.

Lisa cooked us Sunday lunch today and  then we spent a few hours sorting and putting out the furniture ready for the 7am collection tomorrow with the help of my daughters and son-in-law Ben. Tea was courtesy of Mc Donalds.

Tomorrow is Lisa's birthday and we're off out for a celebratory meal at an Indian buffet restaurant, a new experience for me. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Nothing Much Happening

Nothing much happening on NB Bendigedig unless you're interested in the number of tissues and paracetamol I've got through. I escaped the cough and colds over Christmas but it arrived with vengeance on our return to the boat. I am feeling better but I still have a dry cough to contend with........honey, cough syrup, and steam inhalation ongoing in an attempt to get rid of it.

Ben' continuing with his short walks not that I've felt much like long ones anyway. The wind here has been wild and certainly rocking the boat. I've used ear plugs to blog out the howling wind. Sometimes they get used to block out Eric's snoring.

We've done the necessary food shopping to keep the cupboards stocked and have eaten rather a lot of the Christmas chocolates. I had a coffee maker which uses Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods for Christmas so lots of varieties of coffee too. I loved all the useful presents we had including a stove top kettle, biscuits, toiletries, warm fleeces, pyjamas, slippers and a lovely scarf as well as the lovely charm necklace. 

The chimney decided to let us know it needed sweeping by puffing out smoke and being very smelly if you opened the door to put coal and wood on. The CO alarm hadn't gone off but we were aware of the smokey smell. I let the fire go out overnight and Eric had swept it by the time I'd come back from a short Ben walk. The fire's much better now, there must have been an accumulation of soot.

Today we're off to Ellesmere to get some fresh food, hopefully the rain will stay away for a walk up the canal to see all the boats moored there for the winter. I'm looking forward to some warm weather then we'll go cruising. We've been looking at the maps and wondering which way to go this year, the last few years we've spent very little time cruising with one thing and another. So I wonder where we'll go.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year

Ben has been reluctant to go for a walk lately and just stops, looks at me and basically refuses to go any further leaving me no choice but to go back the way we came.While we were in Newport he'd walk further if Eric came too but as he spent a few days in bed unwell, we only got very short walks. Poppy Clare's collie came too but it made no difference.

Today we're back in Whixall and it was absolutely pouring with rain but he wanted to go out, so I donned the boots and the waterproofs wondering if I'd be back in ten minutes. We got as far as the first lift bridge crossed it and back along the roads so out for just twenty minutes. 

After ten days away I've been catching up with the washing using the marina laundrette as the big machines reduces the washing mountain far more quickly. Ben the dog is having an afternoon nap as is Eric.

While we were away we missed the snow which settled here on Christmas Eve. As we travelled north yesterday it felt considerably colder than Newport. The boat was cold but not as cold as it could have been as I'd left a small thermostatic controlled  electric radiator on low. Soon we fired up the central heating, lit the fire, turned on the gas and made a cup of tea.

Christmas been and gone for another year and in a few days the little tree will be back in it's box until next year. Thanks to family for sharing Christmas with us and a special thanks to Richard (Clare's husband Ben's brother) who did the Christmas Day dinner/lunch which made quite a change for me.

We've had good times and bad times in 2014, let's hope 2015 brings far more good times. All that remains is to wish you all a very happy new year 2015.