Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas In Newport

A very lovely time this Christmas but a strange one. It's the time of year that you really feel the absence of family members you didn't get to share another Christmas dinner. We had lunch with Clare's husband's family and many thanks to them for sharing their Christmas with us.

Our grandchildren Gwen and Scarlett had loads of presents so they must have been very good girls. Scarlett's been having fun with a box of tissues as her mum's picture on facebook shows.......much more fun than all her new toys.

Eric's sister Paula had a new arrival just before Christmas of the four legged variety. He's a very cute Yorkie- Chihuahua cross and so tiny, she named him Rockie. The baby gate doesn't keep him in  the kitchen, he can fit through the bars, but he has his own special cage which he quite happily goes into and curls up on his bed and goes to sleep.

Rocky sat on Joe's hand

There's another new arrival due on the 8th of January, again it's the four legged variety. Gwen is pictured here happily holding the new pup at the breeder's house. We met the puppy's mum too. She's a Sprocker which is a cross between a Springer and Cocker spaniel  called Annie at the moment but that may change. I am sure she'll bring lots of fun.

Lisa took this photo of Gwen with Annie

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Gwen with Father Christmas and Aunty Clare

We arrived in Newport today much later than planned due to us both having a  bug, so we missed Scarlett's party but we're here for Christmas. Scarlett's birthday was Tuesday so she had her present from us on her actual biithday. Just one more sleep until Christmas, it's Christmas Eve!  Time to get together with our family and make some new memories.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello Again

Our view from the sidehatch
Looking at NB Valerie's blog  saying about the closeness to other boats in their marina I thought I'd share our view.Here at Whixall we are lucky to have a corner spot with a triangle of water as our view from the sidehatch. On the other side of the boat is a pontoon and another boat but I can open the sidehatch and enjoy the view. Huge carp come here to be fed on dry dog food too. Ben doesn't mind he's got loads.

My favourite photo of the marina
We're finding is very quiet here at the moment but it's soon going to be hectic with Christmas just around the corner. We've done the Christmas shopping and it's all parcelled up and ready to go. The bags have still to be packed and we're off tomorrow as my grandaughter Scarlett is going to be one and having a party on Sunday, so it's going to be fun and no doubt very noisy with loads of one year olds into mischief.


We've topped up the electric meter so NB Bendigedig won't be too cold without us.