Monday, November 24, 2014

Floating Again At Whixall

Dad at his 87th birthday party
Looking back through photos I came to this one at his 87th birthday lunch this April.....he always wore that tie and jumper when we went out for a meal. The gardening cake was amazing. 

On Saturday we came back to our boaty home for a few weeks before we go back to Newport for the dentist appointments and to continue with the task of clearing his house. We've done a lot but there's a lot more to do.

The boat was nice and warm as we'd left some heating on low. The fire was soon lit and the central heating fired up and we unpacked the bags. I brought back loads of washing but it was soon sorted in the laundry on Sunday morning.

Today we need to get some fresh food as we just picked up milk, bread and something for tea on the way back. I made a paella for Sunday lunch  as I had prawns and chicken in the freezer, I like meals that all go in one pan they're so quick to do.

The piers outside are covered in frost except where Eric put the salty mixture from the container near our pier. The thermometer reads 0 degrees so it's cold and I need to get showered and dressed to take Ben out a wee! So bye for now.

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