Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going Home At last To Whixall

The last few weeks have been busy to say the least and I didn't feel I wanted to blog about the problems we've been having in Newport with my dad at the time, so in a nutshell......he's been unwell and had a few bad falls involving hospital visits and a stitched  hand. Add to that numerous doctor's,  hearing aid and optician's appointments as well as mobility problems.Getting him in and out of the car has been a nightmare.He's decided to sell his house so it's now up for sale and an offer made on a nearby bungalow but he doesn't seem to realise it's not a quick process as he's lived in one house since he was three years old and is now eighty seven and has never been involved in the moving process..His ongoing health problems means he could do with some help but  he refuses to have anyone in the house and without his consent nothing can be arranged. Even me who he calls his next of kin rather than his daughter gets shouted at if I try to help him in the house.

Clare and Ben had a lovely honey moon and Ben's made a new pal in Poppy the puppy who constantly gives his big licks. They even curl up together on a blanket on the sofa.She seems to have livened him up and they've enjoyed their morning walks together although we often get in a tangle of leads. I never thought I'd see the day when he'd share food and water bowls although there are two water bowls and two food bowls put down. They even play ball together although Poppy is much faster but lets Ben have it sometimes even though he'd rather just carry it in his mouth. We usually take two balls one for him to carry and one for Poppy to chase after. He's been good for her too as she now goes outside rather than leave a puddle in the kitchen. What we find strange though it that we can be out in a park and Ben waters anything vertical but Poppy doesn't do anything until she gets home to her back garden.

Back to the boat on Friday .....the spiders will have to vacate the premises. Bendy has had her bottom blacked and tunnel bands repainted so she should look a little smarter. I can't see the roof being tackled this year after all. Maestermyn have kept the boat keys for us in Oswestry as we forget to take the spare keys with daft is that! Good job I rang them to tell them not to leave the keys inside when they put the padlock on the back doors.The bill awaits us too!

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