Monday, September 08, 2014

Llangollen And Back

A view of Castell Dinas Bran
This week we've meandering towards Llangollen trying to get some painting preparation done. We stopped in a nice quiet spot and Eric was busy being noisy with an electric sander and a hire boat pulled in for lunch, so we had lunch as well and resumed sanding once they'd left. The next day we decided to spend the weekend in Llangollen and had a pleasant trip up on Saturday morning with very few boats moving.
It's still strange visiting Llangollen at this time of year and we had a very pleasant few days. On Sunday we sampled an Italian style lunch with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables and new potatoes at  Fouzis and of course we had to have Tiramisu  since they had some.
Before we left on Monday morning we met up with Liz and Nick  who were visiting Llangollen by car, for a coffee at Fouzis. Nice to see you both and we hope Connie is sorted soon.
We untied the boat and headed towards the basin to turn the boat around and decided to follow the trip boat which was leaving in a few minutes through the narrows. Unfortunately a very slow boat pulled out in front of us and we had a frustrating two hours cruising to Trevor. All I can say is the man on the bow was using a boat pole to fend off as the steerer was definitely not very good!
Here's a few photos as we crossed the aqueduct still following that slow boat. We'd had enough and pulled over at Whitehouse visitor moorings while he continued on his way.

A view of the River Dee from the Pontysyllte aqueduct
Railings on one side only

Misty hills in the distance

A view from the aqueduct showing the Railway Viaduct

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Tim said...

You need to eat a Gales Bistro , the best place to eat in Llangollen just round the corner from fouzies... Which we found ok for coffee, but too many staff... Watching every mouthful

If you are a foodie, gales is amazing, they have a b&b for non boaters lol and a gift shop too

Tim - NB Tosca