Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back To Whixall Marina

After a comparatively quiet night at Whitehouse visitor moorings we left to  do the two tunnels and Chirk aqueduct. No queues at Whitehouse tunnel but we had to wait at Chirk Tunnel for a stream of boats to come through, then it was our turn with about six boats behind us. At the other end a queue had already formed it's been so busy for September even though the children are back in school.

Soon we were over the Chirk Aqueduct and making our way slowly towards New Marton Locks. Slowly because at every bridge hole we met a boat. We passed Chirk Marina where the golf course grass  is no longer closely cut ready for action. As we approached the locks a queue stretched ahead, when we arrived we were 14th and it took three and a half hours to work through those two locks. I went down to help at the locks until it was our turn, we met some happy holidaymakers as well as we ll as some grumpy ones on their own boats.

Ben and I enjoyed a towpath walk and we finally stopped just short of Ellesmere. We knew it would be busy there with the Floating Market on the canal arm so we stayed just after the turning point. I walked into Ellesmere with Ben to get a paper and some bread while Eric continued with his painting of the rear doors, counter and hatch. 

We moved on the next day heading back to Whixall we didn't need to join the queue for the was chaos at the junction with the arm into Ellesmere. Three hours cruising on a much quieter section of the Llangollen and we were back on the Prees Branch. Out came the windlass time to give those arm muscles a workout with the two lift bridges ahead of us. No wind today so it was easier to get alongside our berth and tie up. Soon we were back on shoreline and settled for a lazy afternoon.

Eric still has loads of painting to do but tomorrow's another day.

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