Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Lovely Wedding Day- Clare & Ben

A very happy Clare & Ben (Jane's photo)

Arriving by jeep

Clare with the vicar Ben's twin brother

Ben, Jane, Clare & Gwenllian

Ben arrives by jeep

Just some photos taken by Clare's friend Jane of our daughter Clare and Ben's wedding no particular order. We had a lovely time and Eric took hundreds of photos but I won't to be able to share any until we get back to the boat as I need my laptop and the lead for the camera......we always forget something.

I actually wore a dress and  the heels lasted a couple of hours before I changed into flats as feet are more used to walking boots! The bride had sense she wore flats to start with.

Mr & Mrs with niece Gwenllian off to the reception
(photo from Dog Company Replicas)

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