Monday, September 22, 2014

A Catch Up Blog

A week has gone by  and what have we done? Eric's been busy painting the stern of the boat after sanding it down. It's had primer, undercoat and two coats of gloss and it looks so much better. Luckily the weather has been good so he could get on with it. The next painting job is big with the sandpaper covered roof needing a lot of attention where the wet has gone under the paper. We'll have a spotty roof and then it'll all be painted oxford blue instead of cream which never stayed clean.

We had a couple of days in Newport getting our three months prescriptions and catching up with family. Then we returned to the boat and managed to eat the food left in the  little chest freezer under our bed over the week as we needed it empty as the boat was going in for blacking. It's surprising the makings of meals we had in there and over the week we had shepherd's pie, sweet chilli chicken, chilli con carne, fish and rice, beef curry and fish and chips.

Now we're back again and this time it's for about ten days as we've got a wedding in the family and we've got the task of looking after Poppy the mad collie pup while they have a honeymoon. Ben makes Replica WW2 jeeps and this photo was taken on one of their open days. It's no surprise then that they'll be arriving at the venue in replica jeeps.

Our daughter Clare is marrying Ben

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