Friday, August 15, 2014

In Newport Again

We're back in Newport at the moment and Ben is enjoying all the space in Tredegar Park. We play ball with a brightly coloured green and orange tennis ball but once he's got it he's not keen to give it back, so he ends up carrying it for the duration of the walk. Poppy the puppy was delighted we've returned and is so pleased to see us.......she's gets so excited definitely comes into the category of mad collie. 

In the afternoons we've been visiting Paula hoping she'll get better soon and go home once again.Somehow it's much easier to chat  when you're not in a hospital  room. She often drops off to sleep as night time in hospital is never  that quiet and getting any sleep is a problem.

Ben was waiting for us watching at the window when we got back to Clare's house.

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