Monday, August 11, 2014

Ben And Connie

Liz took this photo of Ben and Connie out for a walk
Eric has gone to Wales leaving me with just Ben the dog for company. Yesterday I had a phone call from Liz and Nick offering to take me out for Sunday lunch at the Cotton Arms in Wrenbury which was good news lots of time to chat. Connie came too and came on the boat to see Ben the dog......they sniffed each other and both went back to sleep. There was a time when he wouldn't let her on the boat!

Today we walked up the Prees Arm to meet Liz and Connie for a walk. Connie is now on 30 minute timed walks after a knee operation and quite happily walked along joined to  Ben by her lead on the wider towpath. Ben walked a lot further today with a  friend for company. Back on NB Henry Ben had a sniff and a chew at Connie's plastic chicken while she stayed at the other end of the boat. Probably thinking Ben had taken over her boat leaving his smells behind. After more chats and  a coffee Connie had her space back.
What's she doing now?
I cooked some salmon for lunch and the sweet chilli sauce didn't stop Ben wanting a taste accompanied by some vegetable rice. He's now having an afternoon nap.......what a life.

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