Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Visit To The Quarry in Shrewsbury

A view of the Dingle  
Ben posing of course!

The goddess of the River Severn

another view of the  garden

I loved the cart full of sunflowers

Today we went to Shrewsbury and looking for a place to walk the dog we followed a brown road sign with trees on to The Quarry. We paid to park the car and went to have a look. It turned out to be a parkland of 29 acres in a loop of the River Severn. We enjoyed a walk alongside the river and then explored The Dingle not knowing what to expect. It was beautiful.....a formal display of flowers created by Percy Thrower during his 28 years as park superintendent according to the plaque on the sculpture in The Dingle.

Looking on google I found out some information on the Shropshire tourism site. It says that the area used to be a rough place where tanneries were sited and stone was dug but the fine gentlmen of Shrewsbury changed it into a place the Regency ladies could walk. I'm sure we'll be visiting The Quarry time the rain won't get us we'll remember to take the big umbrella which was in the car!

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