Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Visit To Newport

On Wednesday we packed the car and headed down south to Newport in south Wales as it was visiting time again. The letters were also accumulating at Paula's although we knew the contents of most of it......letters from the pet insurance and bills from Leahurst which had already been paid when we took Ben for his appointments. A few more still to pay but we haven't had them yet. Leahurst claims the money direct from More Than and then we get a bill for the 10%  of the cost the insurance company doesn't pay. We are so glad we had insurance with the total costs nearing £3,000.

We've had a busy few days catching up with family, dog walking and shopping. It was great to see a very smiley grandaughter Scarlett and her mum and dad of course. We enjoyed looking after Gwen one day and went out for lunch taking my dad, her great grandad too .....he always enjoys going out out but he doesn't eat much these days. Lisa cooked us a roast for tea which was lovely and Gwen cleared her plate. 

We planned to go back to Whixall today bringing our daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen with us for a holiday but anything planned never seems to happen. Paula is seriously ill in hospital so we are staying for a while and Lisa has to go into work on Thursday so that put paid to her holiday plans. We'll just have to wait and  good planning anything.

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