Saturday, July 05, 2014

Westport Lake To Church Lawton

Harecastle Tunnel southern portal
Ben and I did the circuit round Westport Lake after breakfast and then we ready to go. At Harecastle Tunnel the last boat of the three boats coming south came out and then it was our turn. We didn't have to wait at all, just a few minutes for the safety information from the tunnel keeper. It takes about 45 minutes to get through and it's noisy at first when the doors shut and the extractor fans come on. The tiny white spot is the way doesn't do to feel claustrophobic!
Light at the end of the tunnel

The light from the northern portal (no flash used)

Orange water at the northern portal of Harecastle Tunnel
The water at the other end of the tunnel is orange......I remember falling into this water when I was pulling the boat in a few years ago. I had waterproofs on as it was raining and the waterproofs and I needed a shower to wash off that water.
Going down to Red Bull Services
Just three locks down to Red Bull Services where we did the necessary filling and emptying before we worked through three more locks to reach Church Lawton. Usually with the paired locks one is ready for you but today we had fill three of them. I certainly noticed the stiff paddle gear and the heavy gates then remembered it's nicknamed 'Heartbreak Hill' as there's 26 chambers to negotiate before you reach Wheelock...... six done and twenty more to do. I'll have muscles at the end of this trip.


Judith Emery said...

Glad to hear Ben is able to do a long walk roand the lake. Lets hope the vet sign him off when you go back. Enjoy the rest of your cruise,
Judith and John
nb Serena.

Elsie said...

Lots of encouragement as he wanted to go back half way round.....didn't like the trains! He's now asleep after a short walk down the locks below Church Lawton., but he's happy and that's all that matters. Elsie & Eric