Thursday, July 03, 2014

Weston-on-Trent To Moor In Stone

Last night we moored up just after Weston Lock where there was a nicely cut section of towpath just the right size. It was a good place as a little further along the railway noise spoils the peace of the canal. Today we worked through just two locks as we meandered alongside the River Trent according to the Pearson's guide, although we couldn't see the river. Aston lock's top gate took three bums on the beam to get it open.

We continued on our way with fingers crossed for a space on Stone Visitor Moorings.....we were in luck. Ben enjoyed a walk in the park alongside the River Trent before we left him on the boat to go and have a wander in the town. Eric lost his curls in a barber's shop, it's short but a good cut with a very chatty lady barber armed with a clippers!

Just been out for another walk in the park before I cooked  chilli for tea. We had strawberries for afters......Ben likes strawberries but he only got one!

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