Saturday, July 19, 2014

Walking In The Rain

Connie & Ben playing

Looking through some photos I came across this one when Ben was quite happy to play with he's just not interested. At present Connie is recovering from an operation on her knee and wouldn't be up for a rough and tumble anyway.

Since we been back  at the marina it's been unbelievably hot on the boat so we've been sat underneath the  big oak tree  in the marina grounds to cool off. Ben and I have had some short walks and yesterday we had a walk in Ellesmere while Eric took the shopping list to do the shopping......he did well too.

Last night we had  the forecast rain with some thunder and lightening and of course Ben came to sleep under the pullout part of the bed.  He spent most of the night there until the torrential rain eased. 

This morning we ended up walking in the rain but it was so much cooler I didn't really mind. Ben had a rub down with a towel so he was happy too.

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