Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Twelve Locks To Our Mooring

After another quiet night we set off down the locks to Wheelock,  we had twelve to work some were singles and others were duplicated. I won't bore you with more boats in the locks pictures, they all look the same. It took us about three hours with no bottlenecks until the last two locks before Wheelock when we had a queue, with the next lock having only one working paddle for the bottom gates it caused a holdup. 

At Wheelock we moored up and went of to the shops. First we visited the pet shop for a new harness for Ben with  a waist strap rather than the car harness which never stayed in the right place and slipped round his shoulders.  This one stays put even though the straps are fairly loose. We bought a sack of Wag, which is Ben's favourite food and some marrow bones too. We popped in the village shop for bread, milk and pop.....locking is thirsty work. We were planning to have pie and chips but it was closed by the time we'd done the shopping.

After  lunch break we continued for an hour or so passing the home of Carefree Cruising, the time share boats.   Bridge 160 used to be the home of Northwich Boats and that's where we picked up our new boat in January 2007. Doesn't time fly by!    We moored up after an attempt  when we couldn't get close  and the boat was at an alarming angle on a mud bank. It's nice and quiet  here away from roads so we're happy even though it's just started to pour with rain.

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