Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Our Day Of Rest

Yesterday we decided to have a day of rest, so today's it. Ben and I had a short walk down the locks from Church Lawton and back to the boat. He just wasn't going to go any further and was quite happy to go back and now he's asleep. We've had the church bells this morning  too so we know it's Sunday.  One thing about being retired is sometimes you lose track of the days.

Eric is happily watching the British Grand Prix after I hoovered the boat using a Dyson but we don't say dysoned do we. I'll cook lunch later as we didn't have breakfast until ten o'clock.....definitely a lazy day!

Ben's appointment has been changed to the 28th July  so we can see the same vet but we still need to  be back at the marina by the 18th as we need more antibiotics,  luckily they'll post us enough to keep him going until our next appointment. After that we're having visitors as Lisa and Gwen are coming boating. 

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