Saturday, July 12, 2014

Onwards To Wrenbury

Yesterday evening we got a coat of undercoat on the front deck, and today it had a topcoat once we were moored up at Wrenbury. We've wanted to paint the deck as it had lots of rusty patches but we couldn't do it easily in the marina as we always moor up bow in as it's easier to get Ben off the front. If he jumps too far onto the stern deck he ends up in the canal.

Today's cruising included five locks and one lift bridge with no queues today so we arrived at Wrenbury at lunch time and found a boat sized space.Once again plenty of boats on the move and we usually met them at bridge holes, but it made locking easier as no gates to close on exiting a lock. It's always good when the lock gates are open ready to go in too.

We took a walk with Ben to the village shop for essentials- bread, milk and ice cream! It's been so hot! 

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