Monday, July 14, 2014

Marbury To Grindley Brook

Ben tied up waiting for me 

Today we worked through the three locks before the six at  Grindley Brook. At Quoisely Lock we bought some lovely duck eggs from the man who always helps us through the lock. He now sells bottled water as well as fresh veg, bacon, eggs and bread. At Willy Moor Lock the pub was shut as it wasn't yet midday. 

As we approached the bottom lock  of Grindley Brook a moored hireboat pulled out in front of us, not that it mattered as most of  the boats were climbing the locks anyway and we had to turn some of the locks. Two locks up we met a boat coming down and then we were amongst the next three boats going up the staircase once I checked with the lockkeeper.

Above the locks we did the filling, emptying and getting rid of rubbish before mooringnup just past the waterpoints. Then it was just a short walk to the '@29 Cafe' for a coffee and a scone with cream and jam.......very nice too. There's some very cheeky sparrows in the cafe garden that  sample your cake before you do, if you don't keep your eye on it. They are very tame and take crumbs from your  hand.

It's certainly blowy up here but it's not raining yet so maybe Eric will get a bit more polishing done on his very own 'Forth Bridge'. (because it's endless).

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