Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just A Little Further

We left a very busy Wrenbury behind after Ben and I went to the village shop for a paper. In the shop something went bang and everything went off including the electronic till so it was back to basics with paper and pen recording the items sold and the cost.

No plans to go very far after we worked through Marbury Lock as the towpath had changed sides and Eric wanted to wash that side of the boat before polishing it. He did the final coat of paint on the deck before lunch as I am a messy painter......I always end up with it on my hands although this time he did too!

Ben enjoyed running back and for between us on the towpath alongside the boat before he jumped back on the boat, luckily a shouted "No" stopped him front jumping onto the wet paint. It's a bit cooler today but still plenty of sun on the solar panels.

Eric's setting up the satellite dish for the cup final, thank goodness for i player then I can watch something else.

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