Friday, July 04, 2014

Cruising -Stone To Longport

Below Stone Bottom Lock

Craftmaster Canuba Wax polish- you can see the difference!

A closer look!

Going through Stone
After a quiet night in Stone we were up and away with at least eight locks ahead of us. With boats coming down the two flights of four locks it was much easier. I did the lock wheeling for four locks then Eric did the next four. Before we left I took Ben into the big grassy area left of the sports pitches  for a walk, I took a ball but once he'd found it he just hung on to it carrying it in his mouth until we got back to the boat.

As usual time to chat at the locks with other boaters', while Ben waited patiently tied to a bollard. We passed Barlaston by, do you remember Paula when you came to see us there and Oscar went for a dip and you dried him with the hair drier. That must be years ago because we didn't have Ben the dog and he's seven years old now. My hair drier usually only comes out when Lisa comes to stay.

We've got Stoke locks ahead of us and a very nice mooring spot at Westport Lake depending how far we cruise today.


We made it to Longport but got very wet on the way. We had a funny moment at Stoke Top Lock where there are handcuff locks on the top gate paddles. Why you ask? Well.....Eric and the boat were at the bottom of a very deep lock with the hand cuff key. He passed it up to me on the end of our extending metal boat hook. The man in blue from the lockside maintenance depot who was locking up asked if we were hireboaters when he realised we had a problem but left us to it when we weren't ! I will remember to keep a handcuff in my pocket.

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