Monday, July 07, 2014

Church Lawton To Above Pierpoint Locks

Above Church Locks

Going down Church Locks

Paired locks at Lawton Treble Locks
Just going to begin cruising this morning ropes untied you've guessed a boat comes through the bridge hole. We planned to work through eight  locks going down towards Wheelock. Many of the locks were duplicated by Telford  and it makes life easier when you approach a pair as often one is full and the other empty, so there's always one ready for your boat. Today with boats on the move in both directions gates were left open for approaching boats which was so much easier. I was glad of my long handled windlass as some of the paddles were very stiff.
After eight locks we moored above Pierpoint Locks as we knew that to  go any further we would hear the M6 motorway making it's presence felt. A nice spot once we moored with no high vegetation at the bow so we could get off the boat with Ben the dog. Wild flowers at the galley window but too pretty to cut back. The sun is shining, the rain has stayed away......what more could want.

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