Friday, July 11, 2014

Back On The Llangollen Canal

The entrance to the Llangollen Canal (dirty mark on camera lens)
Today we set off about eleven as I didn't wake up until 9.30, I went back to sleep after a wake up call at six when an early rising boater went past. It shouldn't have taken us six hours to get to Bridge 5 on the Llangollen but we hit queues firstly at Minshull  Lock with five boats ahead of us. I went up to help at the lock and by the time it was our turn there was still eight boats below the lock.

At Cholmondeston Lock we had just two boats ahead so not bad but there was a queue waiting to come down. Most waiting boaters came to help but of course when it was our turn to go up  the next boat down just sat on their hire boat and watched until the gates were open ready for them. Eric was tempted to shut the gates behind us and then one bloke came to sit on the open lock gate.......he must have heard Eric's remarks!

But our luck changed at Hurleston with a  very slow boat in front of us didn't turn right for Llangollen and a boat was descending the bottom lock just as we got there. In fact  all four locks had descending boats so there's a stroke of us luck, just passing in the pounds. I couldn't believe there wasn't a lock keeper on a Friday afternoon, as the two centre pounds were  low making it difficult to get out of the locks.  Stopping for water it was so slow Eric said he could pee faster!

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