Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back Home To Whixall

Whixall Marina

Today we left our mooring at Grindley Brook and cruised for about two and a half hours  with five lift bridges to do before stopping on visitor moorings just before the Prees Branch. We stopped so Eric could finish polishing the side of the boat. Now both sides are shiny and we have a nice painted front deck but there's  still have an endless unwritten list of jobs to do.

Once the polishing was done we did the final run down the Prees Branch to the marina.....two more lift bridges too. We stopped to fill up with diesel and get the mail.....a package of tablets for Ben the dog from the animal hospital. Now we are moored up and  back on shore power. We enjoyed our three week cruise but it's nice to be home.  I entered the photograph above in the BWML photo competition.

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