Monday, July 21, 2014

A Walk Around Colemere

A view across Colemere
Today we headed for Colemere by car as we knew a walk in the woods surrounding Colemere would be cooler than a towpath walk. I acquired one horse fly bite.....they just love me, but I'd already taken antihistamines for hay fever it shouldn't swell up.
Colemere is one of Shropshire's  meres or lakes formed by rain water accumulating in deep  hollows caused by glaciers in the Ice Age. It's a peaceful place to walk the dog and we didn't meet many dogs either. It's a long walk as far as Ben's concerned and he did well with no problems, just enjoying the difference places to smell and water as dog's do.
Eric & Ben at Colemere

The ride back to the marina was with all the windows open so it was lovely and cool. Back on the boat we had all the windows, side hatch and doors open to try and keep the temperature down. I've had enough of this heat now...I'm ok at 70  but over 80 degrees F I melt!

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