Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Stop In Middlewich

King's Lock
We were woken at eight by the cold and diesel boat's hooter, a bit too early for us but it meant we were soon away with just four locks to Middlewich.  Things to do when we stopped today, first a trip to King's Lock Chandlery for some paint and another bottle of Craftmaster Carnuba Wax Polish. They didn't have a bottle  left but he did have a pack of 'Wash & Wax' which included the polish we wanted.  Eric wanted a few bits and pieces in the hardware store and came away with a grinder hopefully to tackle the pitted front deck successfully.
We needed fresh food so we ended up in Tesco but it seemed quite a trek back to our  King's Lock mooring .......we've not used to pulling a shopping trolley and carrying shopping with  a car at the marina. Our arms and shoulders were already aching after the  heavy gated, stiff paddled locks of 'Heartbreak Hill'.
It's impossible to moor here and not have the beautiful fish and chips from the shop across the road, unless of course you've timed it wrong and they're shut. We had a long lunch stop and decided to stay put until the madness stopped at Wardle Lock with two boats waiting, another exiting the lock and some idiot waving his arms about coming down the T & M expecting to go under the full bridge hole and jump the queue.

Ben in his new  Wolters harness
Here's Ben posing in his new posh harness, it's designed so that the body strap is not just behind his front legs so must be more comfortable. Also it slips over his head with just the body strap to do up, a German  product  and it's well made too.  He love it and I can use the back strap to help him onto the boat if I need to.

Going onto the Middlewich Branch of the S.U.C  via Wardle Lock for a bit of peace and quiet soon.

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