Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Ellesmere By Boat

Ben the dog on his fluffy bed

On Wednesday we got up and looked  outside and realised  It was another beautiful day and decided we'd go to Ellesmere by boat. Eric disconnected the shoreline and topped up the water tank while I took Ben for  a walk  before we set off. Ben wanted to stand on the back counter on the boat  but as he's wobbly we couldn't let him.

It was nice to be out boating even if it was a short trip as we are off to Newport on Saturday for a few days as it's Father's Day on Sunday and we have a few appointments in Newport too. First of all there was two lift bridges which take loads of turns of the gear to get them up, but the second one was already up which meant Eric jumped off to shut it and I got back on to drive the boat through. It would have been easier if I wasn't walking up the towpath with the dog. 

It was lovely to see lots lf boats on the move although there were loads moored up too. In Ellesmere we managed to find a boat sized space near Blackwater Meadows Marina so Eric pulled in.  A short walk into town to purchase a mesh panel to keep Ben off the back counter as we didn't like having to keep him on a lead. At least now he can go where he likes on the boat and not come to any harm.

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