Sunday, June 29, 2014

On The Staffs & Worcs Canal

Last night was spent on a very quiet rural morning on the Shroppie after Bridge 8. We pulled into a space watched by the boat that would be behind us, so I  said is it ok to share the mooring ring just to be polite. He wasn't happy about sharing and we noticed that all the moored boats hadn't shared rings leaving little spaces between each boat. Are boaters antisocial? Maybe! We we weren't noisy, we didn't need to run the engine, we just filled the big space in front of them.

This morning  most of the boats had gone before nine, including the happy boater behind us. Our plan today was to stop near Autherley Junction at Bridge 2 and get some fresh food at Morrisons which I did leaving Eric and Ben looking after the boat. Then it was a short trip to the stop lock and a left turn to take us on the Staffs and Worcs Canal towards Great Haywood. For some reason I look at this lock and get confused because the difference in water level is so small.

We moored up after Bridge 74 where someone had very kindly cut the grass for us in a section long enough for our boat. The vegetation on this canal seems to be very overgrown. Some sections of the Shroppie were very overgrown too while others were cut. Progress today has been slow with tick over past moored boats and so many anglers enjoying their Sunday's relaxation.The weather's been kind to us and we've enjoyed all the greenery and   listening to the birds singing.  We decided to stop early today as we'd got as far as we planned and we needed some Sunday afternoon relaxation too. Even Ben is having a snooze!


Sue said...

So pleased to see you on the move again and happy too that Ben is coming along just fine under the vet.

Enjoy your summer now, like us, you have got going properly. xx

Elsie said...

We are not totally free yet as we have to be back at monthly intervals for Ben's checkups but it's great to be out for three weeks at a time after being in the marina for an age.

I look forward to reading about boating on the Thames with your lovely new thingie! No speeding now!

Rick said...


You are far too polite with miserable devils that don't share rings. We never ask, just use them.

From two rather envious boaters, sitting in the marina except for spending far too much time with Drs. and hospitals.

Marion and Richard

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Elsie

Grumps who don't get ring sharing and moor so anti-socially really don't deserve your politeness! Hope to see you again somewhere - the hounds send Ben doggie greetings :-)

All the best


Elsie said...

Hi Richard & Marion,

doctors and hospital sounds like us last nice to escape the marina for a few weeks.

Hi Greygal,

Ben says 'woof'. He's very quiet at present....doesn't woof often.