Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just One Lock Cruising To Brewood

Norbury Wharf
An early start today  we were on our way by 9.30am planning to cruise to Wheaton Aston, A bit cold at first in the wind on the back of the boat but we enjoyed the bird song and greenery, only meeting half a dozen  boats coming towards us during the time we were cruising. Three of them were in Grubb Street cutting and two steerers didn't think there was enough room to pass. The old boater behind them made us laugh in a Brummy accent he said "they're from the Grand Union and not used to narrow canals".
We stopped at Norbury Wharf for diesel and a new coolly hat as the last one had lost a leg and died in a bridge hole- we didn't mind as it full of rust anyway. The only spaces to moor at Wheaton Aston were under trees so we decided to work through Wheaton Aston lock and moor in the open rather than clean bird poo off the roof in the morning. On this canal there are miles of moored boats  and anglers with long poles across the canal enjoying a fishing competition so progress was slow. The anglers were pleased we went slowly past as previous boat could have had a water skier behind it.

Here's a picture of Eric helping me at the lock and  Ben the dog waiting patiently. Since he's been ill he's very quiet, the harness is to help him onboard  and useful if he falls in to hoist him out.

Eric helping at Wheaton Aston Lock

Ben waiting at Wheaton Aston Lock

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