Monday, June 30, 2014

Cruising Through Penkridge

A bit overgrown....looks like giant rhubarb
Todays walk from Bridge 74 on the Staffs & Worcs Canal was like walking in the jungle in places with giant rhubarb like plants (what are they?) almost completely covering the towpath. Can you see Ben in the photo? We walked until we came to the chemical works then we jumped aboard  at a bridge hole. Hatherton Marina looked quite a nice place to moor but you could still hear the drone of the M6. This canal is particularly noisy when it runs alongside this motorway.
Passing Hatherton Marina

We've shared the work so Eric's  done a fair bit of lock wheeling today while I've been in charge of the boat  and then he's been Captain while I've been the mate doing the locks. He always helps with the paddles not like some partners who don't help at all, but stay firmly on their boat and watch.

Eric doing some lock wheeling

Lock 80 on the S & W..... needs TLC!
Going through Penkridge the pound was low but that's nothing unusual. Lock 80 certainly needs some TLC with the water pouring in at the bottom of the gate. I hope nobody leaves the bottom gates open or the pound will be even lower! We moored up a few bridges away from Deptmore Lock, tomorrow we plan to moor at Radford Bank and pop into Stafford as I need a haircut......I hope there's a space. Also there's a nice roast meal with our name on it from the carvery at 'The Radford Bank'.


A mooring space so haircut done thanks to Supercuts in Stafford, Roast beef eaten and a few beers drunk.......a  very good day!


Judith Emery said...

I think they're called Gunnera, theres alot about on the northern end of the T&M. Glad to hear Ben has improved. My husband always helps with the paddles.Happy cruising.
nb Serena

Elsie said...

Thanks Judith, now I know.Ben's walking a little further now. Today he walked from Deptmore Lock to Radford Bank.