Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bye Bye Llangollen Canal Now OnThe Shroppie

One of the locks at Baddiley (Llangollen Canal)

Going down at Baddiley Locks
We left our mooring at Wrenbury behind after working through the electrified road bridge and another lift bridge. Ben and I walked for a while getting back on the boat before the boggy towpath section after Bridge 17 where CaRT seems to be doing some work......well there were a couple of spades sticking in the mud with gloves left on the handles......but nobody to be seen.
Three locks at Baddiley next then  two locks at Swanley before we arrived at Hurleston Locks stopping to top up the water tank, get rid of some rubbish and use the Elsan. We were in luck today as there were no queues and the locks were all ready for us.....the lock keeper at Hurleston even helped by working paddle gear and opening the gates of the next lock down.....usually he just watches from  the top lock.
We turned right and headed down the Shropshire Union Canal towards Nantwich, very slow progress passed all the moored boats. We couldn't have stopped on the embankment even if we wanted to as it was full. We decided to stop after the two Hack Green Locks, Ben's not too happy as you can hear the pops of the clay pigeon shooting but it'll stop eventually.  So that's two lift bridges and eleven locks poor arm muscles and now there's the flight of fifteen locks at Audlem probably tomorrow.

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