Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Few Days In Newport

On Saturday we came to Newport via Wales so the scenic route but it does take longer and ww did have a long stop in Builth Wells to walk the dog in the park alongside the River Wye. When Ben and Poppy the pup met this time they were fine, a few grrs from Ben at first but they even played ball together. It's so nice to be able to have the gate open,  although it's closed at night to keep Poppy in the kitchen while Ben sleeps upstairs with us on his  furry bed.

Ben's feeling better he can now  get up and down the stairs on his own most of the time, if he's tired he needs help. He surprised us too by jumping into the car, but still needs a little help. He's had a few trips to the park and enjoyed a run in all the space which was lovely to see even with some wobbly moments.

We've had the bill  from Leahurst  over £2000  and More Than Pet Insurance paid the bill less a 10% excess which was  good news too. On Friday we're back to the hospital for a check up. We've  got our own prescriptions sorted and the appointments done so we are free to start that cruise as long as Ben doesn't need to go back  for a few weeks.

Our visit included getting together with family including my two grand children, here they are in some new clothes. Eric enjoyed Father's day with his daughters and granddaughters, while my dad had a visit from his daughter, granddaughters and  great granddaughter Scarlett.

Gwen in her new dress
Scarlett in her new outfit

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