Monday, June 23, 2014

A Can Of Lager And A Packet Of Hula Hoops

Going down (again)

Today we were away from Whixall by ten on the first day of the long awaited cruise with a right turn at the end of the Prees Branch. Ben the dog followed the boat with no problem getting him walking, he must be delighted with a change of scenery.......just like us.

We've have a busy time with seven lift bridges which seemed to take forever to wind up and down, although we  didn't have to do them all with help from other boaters in the convoy......although it felt like poor arms!  Arriving at Grindley Brook we were lucky enough to be the third boat going down and the lock keeper left us to it as he needed his lunch. Ben didn't whinge at being tied up as I did the locks, he just loved watching the world go by.

Ben tied up and waiting patiently

Lots of single handed boaters' today but were there other people hiding in the boats as everything was shut up on a really hot day. We've had that happen to us before when we've helped them through only to find their partner comes out after the locks.

It was nice to see the volunteers from the Shropshire Union Canal Society working hard in the heat digging holes for new mooring rings and laying bases for a new picnic area near Whitchurch.

So we're suitably tired but it's good to undo the umbilical cord (shoreline) and cruise. We're now relaxing with a can of lager and a packet of hula hoops each.....thanks to Liz and Nick for the lager supply, it should keep us going for a while.

Hello Paula, hoped you're not too bored today!!


Tom and Jan said...

Hiding in the boat? I believe it is called "Ladies doing lunch!"

Elsie said...

Hi Tom & Jan,

Not heard that expression before!