Friday, May 09, 2014

Busy Going Nowhere

This week we've played the waiting game, waiting for a phone call and it finally came after I rang the vet to say we'd heard nothing  from Leahurst. Two hours later I had the appointment we were waiting for but not until the 19th of May. We popped in the vets for some more tablets to keep him going until our appointment. Next I had to ring the insurance company to inform them about the referral to Leahurst, print off the forms they needed and some forms sent to us by email from the hospital. Luckily the printer did not run out of ink.
Ben and I have had some wobbly walks, sometimes he's better than others and he's slept a lot too but he's OK. It only us playing the waiting game and wondering what's wrong.
This weekend BWML Whixall are having an open weekend offering free mooring to visitors and there's also a barbecue for the berth holders so let's hope the weather is kind to us.

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