Friday, May 02, 2014

Ben The Dog Update

We've been back and for Ellesmere to the lovely vets at Blakemere Veterinary  Centre and had consultations  and medication to find out what's causing our wobbly dog to wobble. This morning we had to take him at 8.30  for a general anaesthetic so he could have X-rays on his spine and hips. It failed to show any bony problems in his hips, infact he has perfect hip bones according to the vet. She thinks a vertebra in his neck may be slightly out of line, the next step is a referral to Liverpool and an MRI hopefully next week. Hopefully that will show up what's wrong. 

So we are currently going nowhere until Ben the dog is sorted's just as well that we like it at Whixall Marina.


Sue said...

I'm glad you are pausing to sort Ben out I know you were really worried when we met.

I am sure he will be OK, he looked really happy it is amazing what they can do these days to manipulate.

Elsie said...

We'll have to wait and see what happens next, we're waiting on the hospital appointment in Liverpool. You're certainly in speedy mode at the moment....enjoy your Summer, Elsie & Eric