Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Weekend In Wales

We've just spent the weekend in Wales travelling down on Saturday afternoon when there was surprisingly little traffic. Ben slept in the back of the car or sat up taking in the scenery, so at least he wasn't wobbly. He still struggles with stairs and needs a helping hand as we hold his harness. At least on the boat there's just three steps to negotiate. It's early days in his treatment but today he was actually interested in a little play with a ball....just rolling it along the floor.

Our visit was a chance to pick up prescriptions, collect our mail from Paula, which included the new tax disc for the car which we'd arranged online. There was also a cheque from More Than for some of the cost of treatment at the vet's, not as much as we thought because we had to pay the excess twice as the treatment  spanned the end of one years policy and the start of this year's policy.   Leahurst Small Animal Teaching Hospital claims directly from the insurance company so at least we didn't have a big bill to pay upfront. We do have to pay 10% of the cost.

We had a chance to see our family before we headed back on Wednesday. My dad as usual was busy gardening when we visited him but he did stop for a cuppa and a chat. Lisa cooked us Sunday lunch which was lovely and was great to see our grandaughter Gwen who is growing up fast. Our younger grandaughter Scarlett is five months old now but we didn't get to  see her  as  she's away visiting her other nanny and grandad.way with her parents. Thanks to Clare and Ben for letting us stay......see you all soon.

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